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About Enchanted Imports

I started Enchanted Imports in 2000.  I was in Guatemala at the end of a nine month journey through Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador.  I wasn't sure what my next step was going to be, and I brought back enough jewelry and handicraft either to start a small business, or to have a generous holiday season with family and friends.  I began selling these items in flea markets, and it became clear that certain items were selling really well.  When the holiday season was over, I returned to Guatemala to buy more.

For the next three years (2001, 2002, 2003), Enchanted Imports was based in the Tesuque Flea Market, outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  In the winter, I would open a store in a mall in New Mexico or Colorado.

In 2004, after a few years of discovering what items sell best, Enchanted Imports became a wholesale business, and has developed a nationwide clientele.